Our Top 6 International Schools in Mallorca

The Best International Schools in Mallorca

The island has for years become home to a spectacular mix of people and nationalities from all over Europe and beyond. Which has resulted in a great choice of International Schools in Mallorca to choose from.

If you are looking for a new start here in Mallorca or simply moving from another part of the Island we understand just how important the access to great International Schools will be for you.

Here we have put together 6 of the most popular Schools to choose from. For further information the links will take you directly to the School’s own website.

What's the difference between the international Schools in Mallorca?

The main difference between the Schools is the primary language used for teaching (the language of instruction) this is primarily English in most of the International Schools here but you can also find German, French and Scandinavian (joint with German).

Here are 6 International Schools we have selected for you (in no particular order):

King Richard III College

Agora Portals International School

Baleares International School

Bellver International College

The Academy International School

Eurocampus Deutsche Schule

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